In this section, you will find some important guides to look after your leather lounges so that you can enjoy many years of comfort from your new leather lounge.



  1. When you first received your leather lounge, you may notice slight compression on the leather and padding on the lounge. This is entirely normal as your leather lounges was protected by protective wrapping material and travelled a long way to your home. It is necessary to pat on the lounge to ensure padding and cushions return to its original shape.
  2. Over time of usage, you may notice the softening of the back cushions and seat padding. The leather will show signs of stretching, wrinkles, and creas ing. These are perfectly normal overtime time of usage and enhance to natural look of your leather lounge.



  1. We suggest that you can use a soft or damp clean cloth to wipe your leather lounge weekly to avoid dust accumulate on the leather surface.
  2. Every three months, you should do a through cleaning care with an authorised leather kit care product. Follow clearly the instructions in your leather kit care for the cleaning process. This is to ensure your leather lounge stays clean and comfy.
  3. Any liquid spills on the leather surface must be immediately removed with soft damp cloth. Stains if any should be removed using the cleaner recom mended in your leather kit care product.
  4. To move your lounge, always lift the lounge from the base at each end. Ideally, two persons are needed to lift and move the lounge.
  5. Softening of the seat cushions will occur over time and it is perfectly normal. Some seats may be softer than another due to prolong seating. Alternate your choice of seat will even out the wear on the seat cushions.



  1. Do not place any sharp objects on your leather lounge.
  2. Do not expose your leather lounge to a direct sunlight and heat. Such exposure overtime may cause the leather to fade and excessive heat overtime may cause the leather to dry and cracks.
  3. Do not pull the cushions which are sewn onto the frame. Excessive pulling strength may cause the thread to torn.
  4. Do not seat on the arm or back rest of your leather lounge. These parts are not design for seating purpose and may cause damage to the frame structure.
  5. Do not allow children to jump on top of the lounge. This is to avoid any injury and damage to the leather lounge.
  6. Do not use domestic home cleaning product on your leather as it may cause damage to the leather surface.