With 20 years of experience in Sofas making. Our Sofas are uniquely design with comfort, functions & lasting quality.


Univonna Pte Ltd was established in the 1993 as a small sofa maker in Singapore. During that time, the company employed only 7 workers and production capacity was very limited. As time goes on, the business started to pick up as more housing development progress in Singapore. The growing demand for Univonna Sofas allows the company to expand rapidly. In 1995, we set up our first overseas manufacturing plant in Johor, Malaysia in order to keep up with the growing demand and to tap on the competitive advantage for sofas production in Malaysia.

Today, we still maintain Singapore as our head quarter and running a small production plant to serve the local market. Our product research and development is lead by a team of experience sofa makers who are very dedicated to their job of creating the best sofas with focus on design, functional usage, and lasting comfort. Quality of materials used in sofas production is our top priority and we work very closely with our suppliers from all over the world. We believed that our customers deserve the best value when they chose Univonna sofas over any other brand.



Our company mission is defined by our founder that is to create the best value and comfort in sofas for every family to share and enjoy at home.


We set our aim to become a global sofa producer bringing the best in value and comfort to every home. We will achieve this by nurturing our dedicated workforce and partnering with our suppliers worldwide. Along this road, we will be honest to our customers, responsible to our environment, transparent in our business operations and maximize the return for our shareholders.


Presently, our factory in Johor, Malaysia is occupying a total space of about 4,000 meter square with a full monthly production capability of around 400 sets. At the factory, we have a fully integrated manufacturing process that can be divided into four main section mainly wood working, cutting and sewing, padding and upholstery. Each section consists of a team of dedicated workforces that carefully selects the material used and completes its finishing. The final completed sofa will go thru quality check before being clean and pack up ready for delivery to our customers.